Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Sorry for not publishing new posts for the last while. Same old reason, busy with the endless school work the teachers supply us with. I've been trying to squeeze everything when I have school most days. The downside of being a school kid, not extremely fun. But do we have a choice? And Mr. Weather hasn't been friendly lately, I'm preferring being inside with a wool blanket wrapped around me and a cup of hot chocolate in hand.

Took a ride on a plane overseas to the town where I spent my childhood a couple of weeks ago. Yogyakarta, Indonesia in exact. Snapshots of little things I picked up from here and there, couldn't stop myself from buying things.

Batik bangles from a local batik shop in town, unbelievably cheap.

Wood (fake) Chanel earrings from the same shop. Wood + Chanel = Creative.

Feather earrings from a souvenir shop nearby. Beautiful shade of blue that contrasts with the black (which looks brown on the photo).

Batik is a traditional Indonesian cloth that is manually made using wax-resist dyeing technique. I love how there are so many types of them, endless pattern choices. Most batik are made on thin cloth and most likely to be worn in spring or summer. I suppose the batik pieces I bought will be hiding in my wardrobe until spring comes.

This kulat pants were from Yogyakarta's central market.

I bought this kulat from the same stall. Got another pair of these pants the next day. Uber-comfy and breezy, end of story.

Currently in love with high-waisted voluminous skirts, I found this and fell in love instantly.

These heels were from Indonesia Craft Exhibition I bought a while back. Look at the beautiful carving on the woods and the golden pattern on the straps, these heels are so beautiful.

Again, this batik kimono top was found in the central market. If you have the time and you can be bothered looking around hundreds of stalls in the crowded market you can find lots of great and cheap pieces. It is a bit of hard work, but it's worth it in the end.

Amante platforms.
Finally found a beautiful pair of nude heels!