Sunday, June 13, 2010


Had a couple of failures trying to have a blog with frequent updates, especially a fashion blog. This time hopefully this blog will be a lifelong deed. I'm not a fashion expert, I'm merely a fashion admirer who comes from a small town in the middle of somewhere. Wandering around in life trying to figure out who she is and what she wants in life. I don't own much designer clothing, most of my pieces are cheap pieces from here and there. Nevertheless, hope my blog will entertain you.

Some snaps of something I wore last night.

I purposely bought this see-through lace bow crop top in size L. I do like wearing oversized clothing.

A jungle of things lying around my room that I put around my waist which consists of my Mother's brown leather belt that I practically own, white belt and a necklace used as a belt.

This white gold engraved necklace is a birthday gift from my mother that I always wear. I told her that I wanted one and she got it made for me in two weeks, just for my birthday. Believe me it wasn't hard to guess when she wouldn't tell me what she was getting for my birthday.

| Crop Top: Valleygirl | Leather Tights: My Wardrobe | Bow Necklace: Equip | Bangles: Rubi Shoes | Brown Leather Belt: Colorado | White Belt: Rubi Shoes | Necklace Worn as Belt: Diva |

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