Sunday, June 13, 2010


There's something about winter that had me at hello. It's probably the effect of being raised in a humid and tropical country. Personally, I think winter is much more enjoyable than summer. Coping with the cold weather seems easier than coping with the blazing heat. There are more choices of things to wear and endless possibilities of layers.

This coat was given by my Godmother, she wore this coat when she went for a trip around Europe and she doesn't think it's as cold here. I've wanted a long coat for a while plus the colour is great for autumn. Also, it's been to Paris! My bag is once again something I took from my Mother, love you :)

| Coat: Gifted | Dress: Supré | Tights: Bardot | Bag: Mango | Heels: Zoe Wittner |

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