Monday, September 20, 2010


Strutting around Moon Lantern Festival wearing my favorite leather jacket while holding a mini lantern. Wandering aimlessly in the dark, mesmerized by the gleaming lights of the lanterns. Finally decided to dye my locks brunette because natural feels best most of the times, which turned out like my natural hair colour black-brownish but like I'm quite happy with it. I rarely wear makeup and I always wear my natural wavy hair.

A friend's bracelet that I stole and bought home for three days. I think it looks better on me though you can't see it very well with the camera flashing on it. Planned to somehow take it home with me in the holidays but he remembered to ask for it back, haha. I have a thing for men's clothing and accessories, they can somehow make you look more feminine.

Recent rips and holes in my stockings because of my extremely active behaviour at school. These unwanted rips keep ripping away as I run around the school and my friend thought ripping my stockings was 'fun' and he continuously ripped my stocking throughout the day which left people giving me weird stares as the rips looked brutal by the end of the day (should've taken a picture). Ended up throwing my ripped 15-denier in the trash despite the fact yesterday I rolled to every side I possibly could trying to rip every side of my 60-denier stockings while wearing it, which left me waking up with back pains the next morning.

But these uninvited rips and holes in my stocking did not destroy my mood from the nice weather on Wednesday. My girls and me laid down on the concrete benches at school and enjoyed the embrace of the sunlight, believing tanning in the lunch-break is possible. Laying there bathing ourselves in the warmth and enjoying the pure silence. Typed a draft of this post at school while the teacher kept roaring the ritual teacher babble, which sounds monochrome because I was sitting there quietly enjoying my music from a range of easy-listening to hardcore techno. The surroundings faded away slowly, I was drown in the moment.

Wanted to do a bit of writing, hope you don't mind. Literature has caught my attention recently.

These photos were taken a few days ago but I have been drowned in school assignments and right now is the only chance I have to update my blog because I am sitting in bed, drinking a cup of tea, being sick on a Friday night and the start of the holiday. Lovely. Hoping someone in Adelaide would voluntarily have photo sessions with me on the holidays. Have a blissful weekend.

| Leather Jacket: My Wardrobe | Hooded Denim Dress: Gifted | Flats: Factorie |