Thursday, September 30, 2010


Mother Nature has a hobby of confusing people, making it hard for us to play dress up. As the end of the year approaches, the weather slightly gets warmer. Though some days the sun might want to dance with the wind, so prepare your sunnies and your wind coat at the same time.

Yes, there is a sofa on the on the side of my street. You might notice me smiling funnily on the previous picture, that's because I fell inside the broken sofa.

My Mother never guessed her old and worn jumper would be featured on my blog.

While this photos were taken, quite a few of my neighbors were around making it a tad awkward for me posing in the middle of the street. But oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Right now I'm currently loving big, flashy and shiny jewelry and nude nails.

I keep hearing your voice around the corner, it echoes on my mind like a sweet sweet melody. You swagger like the way you do, giving me constant playful smiles along the way. You’re such a make-out artist, worshipped by the women around you. You continue to strike me with confusion, but isn’t that what all men do? Midnight writing of my naked thoughts has become an obsession because of you. My mind has been in a constant blur lately. I’m a firm non-believer of such things as love, but I can’t help to notice you when you stare at me with your big brown eyes. I’m the impossible and the unreachable, but aim your arrow and pull tight onto my heart. You’ll never know, I might take a turn later on.

| Granny Jumper: Esprit | Tight Skirt: Valleygirl | Necklace: Diva | Bangles: Equip | Rings: Rubi Shoes | Wedges: Zoe Wittner |


  1. ayya ! blogku ganti . namannya . ! foloow en ya . aku muangkel soale luqman iku baca blogku . nyebelin poool TT follow en ya :)) juga ^^ makasih ayya :*

  2. Ah thanks for your lovely comment,
    love this outfit as well!
    Especially the jumper and that great ring!

  3. i love your outfit!

  4. Hehehe.... i wonder what your neighbours were thinking. Just came across your blog. Great work, and great outfits. Lucky you have the body to wear those cute clothes. Your photographer must have lots of fun too.