Wednesday, November 10, 2010


These photos were taken about a month ago but life was occupying me with activities away from my MacBook, which is why I haven't updated my blog. School, work and personal life doesn't give me enough time to upload photos to my blog with my bootless internet. Or maybe it's just the fact that I'm too lazy.. Someone need to kick my lazy ass. Nevertheless, the weather is slowly getting warmer, so spring is really around. Spent that day op shopping to various vintage shops, found a lovely red bag and a rope belt (been wanting one for a while, thought about making it myself using a rope from a local warehouse but I couldn’t even remember how to tie a square knot which I learnt in junior high). Then later in the day, we headed down to the bay and did common things people do on the beach; eating a gelato, eating fish and chips, taking a stroll along the beach and ending the day by watching the sunset on the jetty.




I couldn't be bothered dressing up much lately, so I simply rolled with my favourite black see-through tunic, acid wash shorts and white thongs that I ended up taking off because going bare feet and embracing the nature is better, don’t you think? Excuse my dirty fisherman's feet and literally no makeup on.


A black beaded wrap-around from that I wore as a bracelet.


A new black bag that I've been eyeing for a while. Also my nude nails obsession has changed into turquoise nails, great colour for spring.

At the moment I like writing short stories about everything surrounding me, about the world we live in. Words have always enchant me, but as I told you I am the kind of person who finds it difficult to finish something I started. Apparently it’s a personality with Aries, which is also my other thing at the moment, reading horoscopes and agreeing every single thing they say like some common fool. A book seems like a long way for me, so writing short stories about whatever crosses my mind will do for now. Hopefully I will keep going with the writing later in the future and you don’t mind reading just a bit about my personal life in my blog, and I thank you very much if you read it.

| See-Through Tunic: Vintage | Shorts: My Wardrobe | Bead Wrap-Around Worn as Bracelet: Diva | Bag: Rubi Shoes |