Saturday, January 01, 2011


Here it is, the long awaited post. If my internet connection wasn't so sluggish, I would happily post my 3 MB photos on my blog regularly. The summer holidays has been making me even lazier, since I have no schoolwork to do it seems as if my brain has stopped functioning. I couldn't even think of a title to go with this post. To regain my lack of knowledge and education, I've been analyzing, criticizing and comparing movies and books (not that it educates me much, but it keeps my brain thinking). I've discovered that I enjoy watching and reading classical stories such as Anne of the Green Gables (Lucy Maud Montgomery), Emma (Jane Austen) and The Series of Unfortunate Events (Lemony Snicket). The have heart-enlightening stories, classy language and overdose of the word 'Indeed'. They had me wondering how I'll be able to survive if I lived in one of those eras. Anyway, wore this outfit to a family barbeque the other weekend.




A pearl necklace with a clock on it, it looks antique though sadly it isn't. Lately I've been loving jewellery that has a clock attached to it.


Gold bangles and a wooden ring I happen to find lying around in my clutter of jewellery.


A belt my best friend bought me from Peru, it's so exquisite. I'm glad to have friends from all over the world because I own bits and pieces from everywhere!


Still in love with turquoise nails.


A close-up photo of me, I really dislike posting photos of my face because it sounds so self-absorbed but I love how the sun shines on my face as if I'm a dull living being who needs some light splashed on her..

I will soon post my New Year's Eve outfit, a bit of my writing again and an end of year haul from all the hectic Christmas and end of year sales. I am quite an expert at digging deep those sales and finding cheap pieces that doesn't look so cheap.

Until then, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays! xx

| Silk Shirt: Mother's | Harem Pants: My Wardrobe | Clock Necklace: Rubi Shoes | Belt: Gifted | Heels: Amante |


  1. Happy valentine's day, aya.. :D I heard a lot about you from Ila.. eheheh..

    (psst.. I'm also obsessed with necklace with clock.. so white-rabbit-y.. ;) )

    The Picnic Girl

  2. How sweet of your friend to bring back that incredible belt. That friend is a keeper! Great outfit, nice to discover another Adelaide blogger! I started my blog while living in Perth, and since re-locating to Adelaide, haven't found too many here. Shall follow you now. Cheers.

  3. i like everything in your outfit! pretty chic!

  4. This is just a classical and very chic look. I like it pretty much! And I love the details like your accessories and your nail polish.

    xx, Fashionvictress

  5. Your nail polish is amazing! and that belt is so cool!