Friday, February 18, 2011


Here it is, the promised post of my New Year's outfit even though it will be March soon. Forgive me, I do feel guilty for not posting frequent enough. As I am a high school senior this year, I imagine this year would be extremely hectic but I'm making the most of my high school days. At the moment I am enjoying the Year 12 Lounge with easy access to a kitchen and a room full of sofas for nana naps. I enjoy being exclusive.


I wore a simple outfit for New Year's Eve. Nothing that stood out too particular, though that was what I had in mind. But as much as I love wearing quirky outfits, comfort always comes first especially when I will be in a situation where it will be packed with intoxicated humans, bottles, loud pointless music and especially in my case sand and wind.


This outfit was a last-moment outfit I bought the day before New Year's Eve, as I originally bought a dress which after a good deciding I decided it won't be comfortable for this particular occasion. I wore a jumpsuit which was just perfect for this occasion. Sometimes it's just best to keep it simple.


I headed to the local bay to watch the fireworks like any common fool. There is that special aura when a new year approaches, where you have to begin something entirely new and leave the year behind. In the middle of the booming crowd, who is eager for the countdown, I am dissolved in my own thoughts thinking about everything that happened in the past year. I always seem to wander off in my own little land of thoughts, but I'm quite a strange person...


Though the New Year's Eve consisted of accidentally leaving my phone in the car, missing out on meeting with some friends I planned to meet up with, finding puke all over the toilet floor, and suffocating from an hour of waiting to get in a tram in a line packed of people; I have to say it wasn't such a bad night.


To spike up my outfit I wore gold and silver accessories, as I couldn't decide because I love both of them equally. Also a splash of pink accessories.


Again, I debated wether I should wear heels or flats like I debated between wearing a dress or a jumpsuit. At the end, I chose flats which would be practical if sand and bottles lying around is involved.

The clock keeps ticking and before we know it the new year approaches. 2010 went by in a flash; 2010 is the year where the loved ones come and go. 2010 is the year I have grown into the person I am now; 2010 is a part of me. 2010 is a highlight of my soon-to-be sixteen years of living. 2010, 2011; just another number, just another year. But at this point right here, right now is where I will look at life at a different point of view. So I better make a plan now because life isn’t a waiting room. After ending 2010 by watching fireworks with lovely people and shouting the countdown with a massive crowd on the beach, I start 2011 with my wishes for the following year. A whole year will have its good and bad times, but life is bittersweet so bring on the new year.

| Jumpsuit: Forever New | Clutch: Valleygirl | Rose Ring: Equip | Military Flats: Rubi Shoes |


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