Monday, March 21, 2011


I believe I'm still failing on blogging regularly... So much to do, so little time. Sometimes I wish the days were longer or humans don't require any sleep at all. I'm not going to bore you about my life that's in a state of mess because as always things will eventually fall into place. Autumn is approaching - the weather is slightly getting colder and rain have been falling but I'm enjoying the feeling of nostalgic. Quick post of what I wore the other week, excuse how bad I look in the photos!


Went to the city the other week after such a long time, life has been consuming so much of my time I don't get to enjoy Adelaide so much. I simply enjoy seeing the buzz of the city and what people wear because I've been dressing quite plainly lately.


And yes, after the long debate I finally decided to chop some of my locks. It's quite shorter than what I originally wanted, but I'm growing to like it. Plus it doesn't make me look so short anymore!


At the moment I'm loving lavender nails. This nail polish is called Gum Drop by Revlon, it smells like bubble gum when it dries!


Time have been flying so quick that I can't believe it's only days until my birthday. It feels strange somehow, but you can't fight time so I'll go along with the flow. Though the hunt for a bodice, tutu skirt and glitter heels have begun months ago, I'm still unsure what the plan is for my birthday. As long as I spend it with important people in my life right now, I know I'll have a blast. Because in time you'll learn who's worth your time and who's not, quoted from my best friend.


Enough about what's going on in my life, about two weeks ago I met up with Tiffany Hua at The Grand Richmond Hotel to conduct an interview for my Research Project. Though what we were talking slightly got a bit off-topic, she was such a lovely and friendly girl! We were having so much fun I didn't take enough photos. Can't wait to meet her again!

| Top: Valleygirl | Jeans: Ninety Degrees | Wedges: Windsor Smith | Dome Ring: Rubi Shoes | Long Ring: Diva | Watch: Chanel |


  1. love your style. shoes are amazing! kisses from milano


  2. I discoverd your blog because of my bff Annie from "The Other Side Of Trendsetters"... I'm your follower now, luv it <3
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