Monday, May 30, 2011


June is approaching already, we are almost halfway through 2011. I wish time would slow down so my life wouldn't be so homework-consumed, this is probably one of my life's saddest peaks. Here in Australia, winter is also approaching. I was so excited for winter, but seeing the other half of the world getting ready for summer evoked me... I hate how different surfaces of the earth has different seasons. But then it would be no fun if we all wear the same.




But nevertheless I am still excited for faux fur, leather, leopard prints, anything knitted, oversized jumpers and all sorts of hosiery. At the moment I'm just so crazed about school work I haven't had much time for blogging. I'll also be internet-less for about a week or so because we finally decided to sign up to a decent broadband. Besides getting busy on homework, I've been 'busy' overdosing on caffeine, food and not exercising because it's winter and I have a reason not to. Or I'm just lazy whatever season it is... Other than that I have been indulging myself in all sorts of magazines; Vogue Australia, Russh Australia, Nylon and Disfunkshion my mother brought from Hawaii. Last but not least, getting my hands on the pop queen's new album Born this Way ad listening to it religiously despite my ears getting slightly deaf from my loud music. How much I admire Lady GaGa and her crazy ways of expressing herself can't be explained in mere words. I could go on and on about why I absolutely love her but I don't want to bore you. Though I wish she didn't have to wear real meat to the MTV Awards...

DSC_0662 YES

DSC_0665 YES


I have been a bit anti-social lately so there was no need to wear decent clothes. I went vintage shopping around Mitcham and Unley and you can actually find some amazing stuff there. I cannot wait to debut my vintage finds.

DSC_0617 YES

DSC_0662 YES


Casual outfit once again, so I decided to 'spike it up' with Photoshop. Yes, I went a bit crazy, but I needed to revive my addiction to photo manipulation. This is nothing compared to the Photoshop-butterfly-overdose-moment when I was thirteen, sigh... It might be the fact that I'm Asian, either way I was dorky and I believe I still am... Each picture is just whatever I felt like when I edited it, these collection of photos are unthemed but no one said life has to make sense.


DSC_0686 YES

DSC_0642 YES

The hunt for faux fur, knit and warmth begins! Have a good week! xxx

| Sloppy Joe: KMart (out of all places) | Panel Tights: KMart (out of all places) | Wedges: Windsor Smith | Bird Ring: Magazine Bonus | Turquoise Ring: $5 from a Melbourne Market |


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  2. I really like your blog.
    great pictures.
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  3. WOW,I am totally in love with your sweater!Adorable tourquoise ring!
    Happy weekend!

  4. nice edits. love that wings on your back and i love your bird ring. :)

  5. ahh thats so cool you like it thanks !:D
    ... i can see you got some editing skills! the one with the wings is nice!

    i made the pictures btw...i always mention the one who made the pictures bottom right beneath the last picture ;)


  6. Great outfit. You look amazing

    -Nura Billie