Monday, December 26, 2011


A very belated Christmas post, which means the new year post will also be late. In all honesty, one of the main reasons I don't post as often as I should is because I usually forget to take photographs of outfits that never made it to the blog. I do promise to make more efforts though from now onwards.

Through searching high and low for blog-worthy photographs, I found some of an outfit I wore to a work christmas party. Didn't realize that my outfit were in christmasy colours until the next day, wine and gold.





| Dress: Ice | Heels: Betts | Clutch: Olga Berg | Bracelet: Colette | Ring: Diva |

Though I don't usually celebrate Christmas; this year it was about reconciling with an old best friend, endless deep and meaningfuls, flirty text messages to boys and McDonald's drive at 2AM. Nevertheless it was a memorable night.



| Top: Vintage | Leggings: Valleygirl | Flats: Vintage | Bracelet: Stroberi | Ring: Equip |

A while ago, I scored a gorgeous salmon vintage top but never had an occasion to wear it to so I decided to wear it for a Christmas dinner with my best friend's family. Oh, how gorgeous is my best friend's dress? How was your Christmas? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
New Year post coming up soon x